Be Accountable

I will explain each vote I make on the City Council through a publicly accessible Facebook page. The public deserves to know not only how I voted, but why I voted the way I did.

Be Transparent

I will hold a monthly town hall meeting where you can tell me your concerns, ask questions or provide comments, and review with me the previous month's Council meeting.

Be Independent

I have never served in public office, which means I will bring an independent voice to government, striving to represent you and the community at-large. This will never change.


Economic Development

Growth, not tax increases, should pay for growth and the Council has a duty to be out among the business community striving to find partners who can bring jobs, money, and sustainability to our City. The Layton Forward plan is a great first step in providing a foundation on which to build.  We must cultivate an economic roadmap and regulatory structure that entices private investment, creates job growth, and makes Layton a pillar in Utah's bustling economy.

Affordable Housing

Layton is required to maintain a level of moderate-income housing. This is proper and our General Plan provides for such. We must be careful, however, in extending high-density housing too far and too quickly, as bad choices can lead to our City losing its character. I will posit new ideas and aim to bring all stakeholders together to find solutions for the housing gap crisis. I support development that properly accounts for infrastructure and will be a positive addition. 

Budget and Public Safety

Your family and mine must make do with what we have if money becomes tight. Government should be run on the same tenet. I am a fiscal conservative and will support efforts to curb spending where we can and divert other funds to where they are needed most: public safety. I opposed the tax increase because I believe the needed funds could have been secured in another way. We must do better at finding proper priorities and being accountable to voters.

A New Voice for Layton