Be Accountable

I will explain each vote I make on the City Council through a publicly accessible Facebook page. The public deserves to know not only how I voted, but why I voted the way I did.

Be Transparent

I will hold a monthly townhall where members of the community can attend and review the previous month’s meeting, bring comments and concerns, and ask any questions they might have. 

Be Efficient

Government can be a force for good in the world -- so long as it maintains proper priorities. I will not vote for tax increases and I will push for reforms that make for better and smarter government.

Be Independent

I have never served in public office before and I vow to maintain my independent nature and keep city government free from self-serving behavior and decision-making. 

Be Ethical

I promise to hold myself to the highest of ethical standards and vow to be the voice of the people in word and deed. Elected officials must not fall below that threshold. 


Economic Development

Growth, not tax increases, should pay for growth and the Council has a duty to be out among the business community striving to find partners who can bring jobs, money, and sustainability to our City. The Layton Forward plan is a great first step in providing a foundation on which to build.  We must cultivate an economic roadmap and regulatory regime that entices private investment, creates job growth, and makes Layton a pillar in Utah's bustling economy.

High Density Housing

We need to stop treating this as a binary issue. The City is required to maintain a level of moderate income housing. This is proper and the City's General Plan provides for such. What I vow to do is to ask tough questions and not be a perpetual YES vote on any and all development proposals. My first duty is to the citizens who already live here. I will support development plans that properly account for infrastructure and will be positive for Layton and its citizens. 

Budget and Public Safety

Your family and mine, unlike the City, must make do with what we have if money becomes tight. Government should be run on the same tenet. I am a fiscal conservative and will support efforts to curb spending where we can and divert other funds to where they are needed most: public safety. I opposed the tax increase because I believe it could have been accomplished another way. We must give our police and firefighters the funding they need to maintain stability.