Be Accountable

If elected, I will explain each vote I make on the City Council through a publicly accessible Facebook page. The public deserves to know not only how I voted, but why I voted the way I did.

Be Transparent

If elected, I will hold a monthly townhall where members of the community can attend and review the previous month’s meeting, bring comments and concerns, and ask any questions they might have. 

Be Efficient

Government can be a force for good in the world -- so long as it remains limited and efficient in its manner and means. I will not vote for tax increases and I will push for reforms that make for better and smarter government.

Be Independent

I have never served in public office before and I vow to maintain my independent nature and keep city government free from self-serving behavior and decision-making. 

Be Ethical

If elected, I promise to hold myself to the highest of ethical standards and vow to be the voice of the people in word and deed. Elected officials should not and must not fall below that threshold. 


Economic Dev. Plan

Steps should be made to continue the work of the Layton Forward Master Plan, with the implementation of an Economic Development Plan. This Plan should assist the city in cultivating an economic roadmap and regulatory regime that entices private investment, creates sustainable job growth, and makes living in Layton a year-on-year positive for its residents. 

Affordable Housing

The City Council must continue to improve upon its recent work on affordable housing so that Layton can be home to all who want to live and work here. Land use, zoning, and investment in infrastructure, among other factors, should be discussed and updated to meet this concern. 

Efficient and Up-to-Date Government

A growing city like Layton must be actively engaged in keeping city ordinances and other policies up-to-date with the changing times. Additionally, we should not hesitate in experimenting with new methods and procedures to ensure Layton is as diverse as it is growing.


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