My name is Zach Bloxham and I am a candidate for Layton City Council. I am married to my wife Kayla and we have two children. I have spent nearly my entire life in the Weber-Davis area. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about my platform or my candidacy. I'd be honored to earn your vote in November.


Zach Bloxham is an attorney practicing in Utah.

Professionally, I am an attorney, working primarily with the elderly, those with special needs, and our wartime veterans in areas of trust-based estate planning and appellate litigation. My practice allows me to interact with some of our community's most vulnerable and oft-forgotten members and I am a better person for it. I lecture on Medicaid and VA-related issues throughout the State of Utah. I am a graduate of Weber State University and Gonzaga University School of Law. I serve on the Board of Directors for the Wildcat Club, an organization which supports Weber State Athletics. 


Zach Bloxham is a graduate of Weber State University and Gonzaga University School of Law.

Layton is at a crossroads and I want to be a new voice in that conversation. I am a fiscal conservative and opposed the property tax increase. Economic development should be at the forefront of any Council agenda, but growth must be balanced with the interests of those citizens who already live here. I vow to bring accountability, transparency, and independence to city government. Layton is a wonderful place and its best days are ahead of it. We need a fresh approach to meet the challenges ahead. I'm optimistic about the future and can't wait to see what we can accomplish together.


Be Accountable

I will explain each vote I make on the City Council through a publicly accessible Facebook page. The public deserves to know not only how I voted, but why I voted the way I did.

Be Transparent

I will hold a monthly town hall meeting where you can tell me your concerns, ask questions or provide comments, and review with me the previous month's Council meeting.

Be Independent

I have never served in public office, which means I will bring an independent voice to government, striving to represent you and the community at-large. This will never change.


Economic Development

Growth, not tax increases, should pay for growth and the Council has a duty to be out among the business community striving to find partners who can bring jobs, money, and sustainability to our City. The Layton Forward plan is a great first step in providing a foundation on which to build.  We must cultivate an economic roadmap and regulatory structure that entices private investment, creates job growth, and makes Layton a pillar in Utah's bustling economy.

Affordable Housing

Layton is required to maintain a level of moderate-income housing. This is proper and our General Plan provides for such. We must be careful, however, in extending high-density housing too far and too quickly, as bad choices can lead to our City losing its character. I will posit new ideas and aim to bring all stakeholders together to find solutions for the housing gap crisis. I support development that properly accounts for infrastructure and will be a positive addition. 

Budget and Public Safety

Your family and mine must make do with what we have if money becomes tight. Government should be run on the same tenet. I am a fiscal conservative and will support efforts to curb spending where we can and divert other funds to where they are needed most: public safety. I opposed the tax increase because I believe the needed funds could have been secured in another way. We must do better at finding proper priorities and being accountable to voters.

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Zach Bloxham for Layton City Council