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Zach Bloxham is married, with 2 children, and has lived in Layton for the past five years. When he is not spending time with his wife and kids, Zach enjoys reading, writing, sports, and film. 



Zach is an elder law and VA-accredited attorney, serving clients in matters of estate planning and appellate litigation. He lecturers on public policy issues around the State of Utah. Zach is a member of Utah State Bar, has served as a County and State Delegate, volunteered and worked for numerous federal and state campaigns, and occasionally hosts a radio show on KSL 1160. Zach was born and raised in Utah, and is a graduate of Weber State University and Gonzaga University School of Law. 



Zach is running to bring independent, transparent, and ethical accountability to city government. Government can be a force for good in the world -- so long as it remains limited and efficient in its manner and means. Zach's platform is based on three areas: economic development, affordable housing, and modernizing city ordinances and procedures. Layton is a wonderful city and its best days are ahead of it. You can learn more about Zach's governing philosophy and issue positions in the Issues section of this website. 


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